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It’s hard to find any information about a band with a name such as Puppy, with Google forcing me to look at cute dog pictures instead, but this London-based trio have created a wonderfully genre-muddled track with ‘Forever’.

Tagged as Heavy Metal on SoundCloud, the song definitely has the distortion and licks that you’d expect when going in, however the tag seems a bit off when you hear the rest of the song.

With grunge tinged fuzzy and flanged guitar lines there is more to the song than just classic heavy metal styling. The vocals provide another feeling, of an almost shoegazey indie feel on top of it all that adds to the mix.

It’s a combination of these different genre spirits that come together to make for a very interesting lo-fi listen and leaves the listener with hopes of more to come from the band in the very near future.

Words by Richard Anderson

Tipped by Jessica Goodman

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