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If atmospheric folk is your thing then we have a song for you today which is going to make you really excited about new music. River Matthews is just beginning his foray into showing the world his music, but it doesn’t take long on first play of ‘Feels Like Morning‘ to feel that this could be sung back to River by thousands of fans.

His voice has a lovely accent and tone to it, not unlike the equally fantastic Night Beds. It’s obvious by the first few lines that we’re dealing with an exceptional lyricist here:

“but as the night caught fire, my heart became a choir”

Feels Like Morning‘ is a very warm song and as we reach the chorus it breaks out into something very accessible rivaling the catchy-ness of any Mumford & Sons chorus.

River has signed to Catherine Records and is performing this Sunday supporting Billie Marten at George IV in London which looks like a must see gig. There are snippets of his ‘Feels Like Morning‘ EP over at his website and his twitter also suggests that more music is in the works. We look forward to watching him take over the world, one cozy folk ballad at a time.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Jen Roberts at Society of the Golden Slippers

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