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Set for release on Valentine’s Day, this quirky little number from Birmingham producer/songwriter Rude has certainly got folks talking across the blogosphere.

Already featured by the likes of Crack In The Road, Kick Kick Snare and The Music Ninja, ‘Heartbreaker’ isn’t exactly a tale for the faint-hearted.

The track’s powerful refrain, “I don’t love, I don’t do love, I won’t love, I won’t do love,” is the kind of chastening cry for help that makes their latest effort so very impressive.

It’s admittedly much more downbeat than previous demo ‘Disco’ but shows further character and depth to both the band’s sound and lyrical ability for which they must be commended.

‘Heartbreaker’ is out via Love By Mistake on 14th January.

Words by Matty Aston
Tipped by Natalie Graham from Believe Digital

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