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Bringing you her own bewitching take on electronic art-pop, brand new artist RXC showcases debut track ‘Falling’.

There are minimalistic qualities to the track which render the song crisp and neat. The use of just a simple electronic beat with accompanying chords over the top allows the vocal melody more spotlight, and it’s refreshing to hear a track of this genre which doesn’t feel overcrowded.

Not only is the scarcity of the track distinguishable and noteworthy, but it gives the track a lovely feel. It gives you space, and it lets you breathe.

However, through sparseness, RXC also achieves power. The lyrics feel deeper in meaning: the phrase ‘can anybody hear me calling?’ feels all the more desperate, standing solitary against the empty backing; singing in isolation.

With her debut track RXC has caused quite the stir on the blogosphere, drawing comparisons to the likes of Lapsley, Banks and The XX, though there is surprisingly little information about the artist online. An artist shrouded in mystery, she is certainly one to watch.

Words by George Rowan

Tipped by Mattia from Going Solo

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