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Social media can be an amazing tool (who knows how we’d keep in touch with faraway friends if we didn’t have the likes of Facebook, Twitter or even Skype), but dig a little bit deeper and there’s also a pretty toxic side to the platforms we use everyday.

How many of us can honestly say that they post just as frequently about the bad times as they do the good times? Do we present a particular image of ourselves to others to be accepted more by our followers and “friends”?

It’s probable that 21-year-old Londoner RYD understands this darker side to the Internet. While his latest single ‘Alter’ is more generally about distorting your own image to fit in with the ideals of others, the first lines suggest that it’s more about presenting a perfect vision of yourself to the world.

As he notes though, this can be pretty dangerous. “Sombre feelings aren’t there to control/ But hiding it almost worse you know,” he sings, the vague sounds of chatter engulfing his ethereal voice.

It isn’t just in the lyrics where RYD addresses our desire to blend in, though. The way in which he masks his own voice with effects to the point where the words are almost imperceptible also reflects this concept.

Backed only by fragile beats and occasional, muted guitar, ‘Alter’ is a deceptively simple song that uses some seriously clever methods to get across its socially conscious message.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Tim Dickinson from The Blue Walrus

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