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As a car sweeps through the city at night, a wistful face stares out of the window up at the buildings that reach to the stars. It looks at architecture, modern and traditional, at homes passing by and at momentary flashes of significance and normality as life goes on around it. The melodies and emotions wash over the cityscape as the urban landscapes passes by, this is the sound of San Jua and it is wonderful.

Little is known about the pair at the moment, little indeed beyond the fact that they are a duo. One is Swedish, one English and their debut track, ‘Laid To Waste’, is a downtempo electronic dream of the world. There is something about the softness of sound that is quite disarming, It’s as if listening is to cocoon yourself away, safe inside this bubble of drifting guitar lines and beats. Existing both within and beyond the day to day of city life.

The vocals are a whisper on the wind of the night sky, a chill breeze around your shoulders as you pass through streets and alleys. The call of the world muted as you move, only the whisper, the melody and the bewitchment of the electronics enticing you on, just a little more into the night. Deeper into the city, where everything and nothing happens and, intoxicated by Sun Jua, the only place you feel you could ever be.

Words by Adam from Alphabet Bands

Tipped by Tom Johnson from Gold Flake Paint

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