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A fusion of jagged bridges, melodic harmonies and heavy electronic keys are only some of the components that make ‘If You Wait’ by Shards a simple yet hypnotic and refreshing change to pop listening.

As a new and experimental pop sound, Shards‘ latest track emerges with a certain depth to it that’s hard to place at first, but if you wait (pun intended) you may find yourself losing sense of time through it’s enchanting atmosphere of melancholic eighties synth.

Immediately the vocals resonate to that of Theo Hutchcraft’s (Hurts), with a haunting soulfulness that compliments the stark openness of the lyrics and electro beat. The sharp start of the track does not thaw throughout either, but consistently leads listeners towards a heightened ambience which is eventually drawn out through the finale of disorientated vocals and crashing synth levels.

As for experimenting with pop and electronic music, Shards have revamped the more traditional synth and melancholic qualities from music decade’s before into a fresher sound that along with mesmerising vocals and harmonies stands out in the modern pop genre.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tip by Matthew @ Song by Toad

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