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East London trio Shopping really gets the listener thinking on their new track. Titled ‘Why Wait?’, it will be featured on the upcoming album ‘Why Choose’, set for release on the 2nd of October, and it is an infectious and energetic track that has quite an inspiration behind it. The group explain that the song is based on the instant gratification of the internet age and the want to consume everything whilst being simultaneously removed from such a consumer driven system, luckily for us it supplies an instant gratification and luckily for them I certainly don’t want to be removed.

The song opens up with a popping bass line that is quickly joined by a plucky guitar riff and an up-tempo hi-hat heavy drumbeat that rolls on throughout. The lyrics bark in, questioning our consumerist ways, ‘Why Wait, when it’s all on my doorstep?’, ‘Why Choose, when I just want it both ways?’ and ‘Why Pay, for what you never really wanted?’ are just a handful of the queries that carry the true message of the song.

It’s a short song, just over 2 minutes, but it is so much fun to listen to that you just have to put it on again and again. The addictiveness of the song plays wonderfully with the message, the instant gratification, pop it on for a listen and you’re sorted, but then like any consumerist object you just want more and more.

Words by Richard Anderson

Tip by Jamie Coughlan from Overblown Zine

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