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As is fast becoming tradition in modern day music, any background information on London-based singer Sivu is extremely thin on the ground. In fact, that’s pretty much it! So let’s stick to the music…

‘Better Man Than Me’ is a beautifully arranged piece of delectable alt-pop. Opening with its nagging ‘lo lo lo lo’ refrain, Sivu continues to sing in endearingly hushed tones, almost like a lullaby, as he is accompanied by cleanly plucked acoustic guitar, distantly echoing piano keys and a soft, shuffling snare drum.

That is until the chorus bursts into life as if the curtains are being drawn open to the early morning sun, ebows gently humming in the background like birdsong.

It’s very reminiscent of Wild Beasts in its approach and sense of space but more overtly ‘pop’ and without their dark underbelly, though what the rest of his material bears remains to be heard.
Meanwhile, the video is a disturbing yet strangely moving video of the singer, filmed entirely during an MRI scan. Sivu’s muscles and bones jerkily move and undulate with the song, whilst 3D scans of his face revolve around him. He was in there for 3 hours and it’s Vimeo’s ‘Staff Pick’, so the least you can do is give it a try!

Words by Matt Marlow

Tip courtesy of Adam from Alphabet Bands

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