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Singer-song writer Sølv has brought us a brand new track called “I’m Your Gun”, and it isn’t what I expected. As I hit play I was ready to receive a forlorn ‘alt’ track but was instead greeted by incredibly chilled out trip-hop beats.

The sound alone is enough to make you sit back, relax and forget all of your worries… and then there’s her vocal.

Sølv’s beautifully soft voice lies over the mellow beat as comfortably as I lay in bed a the result is an entrancing four minutes of luscious soundscape complimented by her ethereal voice.

Coming not long after her debut: ‘Losing My Mind‘; ‘I’m Your Gun‘ walks a similar path of delicate yet intense crescendos that contrast against the slower portions of the song.

“I’m Your Gun” is available on Sound Cloud, along with her other single, and hopefully many more to come.

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Mattia from Going Solo & Rob Duffy from The Indie Curator

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