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On ‘Cross My Heart’, Son Little‘s vocals sound perfectly timeless.  When coupled with the angular twang of a guitar that wouldn’t sound out of place on the funkiest of Stax records, we somehow arrive at a kind of blues.  But this isn’t Blues as we know it: the whole, beautifully poised sound is pushed along by some almost exotic-sounding synth drums.  At this point, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is some crass attempt at re-vamping an old sound, but you would be decidedly mistaken.

This is an exceptionally well-balanced track, and it is precisely this delicate balance that makes it so successful.  Each satisfying moment, when the chorus gives way to that distinctive Blues guitar part, is testament to the fact that every element is in harmonious accord with the next – nothing jostles for position or fights to be heard.  Aaron Livingston’s debut as Son Little is a tender, understated number, yet it brims with a certain elegance of style which can only bring success for the Anti Records signee in 2014.

Words by Lewis Lister

Tipped by Will Tompsett from Music Broke My Bones

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