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London band Stereo Honey have been ruffling feathers and making waves with just two songs to their name, and latest single ‘The Heart‘ definitively shows why. Imagine Nile Rodgers spraying his funk cannon all over a Wild Beasts track and you’re already most of the way there; add to that an infectious airiness and you’ve got a lazy, hazy summer evening tune.

That’s not to say the track is all light-hearted and floaty. There’s a simmering intensity threading throughout, largely thanks to the melancholic quality inherent in the vocals. A classic building sustain and release pervades the entire song, with a triumphant falsetto ushering in a quietly euphoric climax.
You know a track is pretty great when you feel compelled to listen 3 or 4 times in a row unprompted, and ‘The Heart’ is a tune that offers tantalising glimpses of new layers to Stereo Honey’s skill on each listen. Can they step it up with a growing number of hungry eyes on them? My heart, and ‘The Heart‘, says yes.
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