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Storms are a London-based four-piece whose sound fuses a kind of grungy noisiness with psychedelic sentimentalities producing something of a mellow and relaxed stoner rock.

Their most recent release, ‘Girl’, is a tale of love and hate and the mixed emotions brought on by that one woman in their life who has sent their feelings on a rollercoaster ride, euphoric one moment and drastically depressed the next.

Starting out with a wah heavy guitar, the song has a mellow intro before the first chorus kicks in and the vocals shout out the main lyrical hook full of lovers’ angst, “don’t you wanna kiss me, as I grip your shoulder”.

Distorted guitars and pounding drums enter and surround the chorus picking up the intensity for the rest of the song. It all comes to a close with repeated confessions of “you’re the one” in a last ditch attempt to attain all they’ve ever wanted.

‘Girl’ is a song that I’m sure everyone can relate to, a song about that person you’ve just met but you can’t go a minute without thinking about.

It’s a story of just trying to get that person to love you back, and it’s a story that’s told in an excellent package of noisy rock.

The band will be headlining our next Tipping Point showcase event on Tuesday 30th June at The Sebright Arms. 

Words by Richard Anderson

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies

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