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Today’s tip comes from Winchester duo Temples of Youth. Jo Carson and Paul Gumma capture the essence of some of the biggest indie artists of today and meld it into something shimmering and unique.

Their new track ‘Divide’ is a great indication of what you will get from the duo.  They have subtle electronics that produce ambient sounds shifting into organs when the time is right, with the addition of shimmering, patterned guitars making for some atmospheric, expressive sounds.  This is combined with Carson’s deep and emotive voice that guides you through an emotive journey.

This combination will bring joy to fans of London Grammar, Beach House and The XX. Though the duo has more of a raw, and fragile edge that makes them difficult to pigeonhole, other tracks such as ‘Churches’ and Dunes show some pop tendencies and makes them surprisingly catchy.

Temples of Youth have all the makings to be the next big thing with their catchy, emotive sound. The duo are touring the south of England this spring so be sure to catch their big sound in person if you can.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tipped by Dave Maul

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