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Tessera Skies have made a name for themselves around the North East for their dreamy pop these past few years. Not content with just sticking to the one genre, the trio effortlessly blend atmospheric dream pop with something more orchestral, throwing a little bit of jazz influence over the top like red sauce over your 99. The end result is something that sounds like Fyfe Dangerfield fronting Beach House, and it’s a hazy sound that is present on their latest single, ‘Out of Sight’.

It manages to be both airy and rigorously structured, a kind of contradiction that can only really be likened to someone putting in a lot of effort to make their hair look like bed head. The structure stops those airy synths and dreamy, swirling guitars getting lost in the noise and makes for a track that is perfect for getting lost in yourself; shutting out the world around you and just gazing up at the clouds.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tip by Bob Allan

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