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Have already supported The Last Shadow Puppets and The View, and with an upcoming show with indie darlings Blossoms, things are looking pretty sweet for The Lapelles in advances of their appearance at T In The Park next month. It’s easy to hear why they’re getting the big gigs as, despite only being in their late teens and early twenties, they possess a sounds reminiscent of some of The Vaccines’ best material.

Grab Life By‘ sounds like it’s been written by a band in a hurry, but it isn’t just a mash of jangling guitars and clanging drums. It’s starts off at a rollicking pace and certainly has swagger, but there’s more to it than simply thrashing and braggadocio. There’s always the potential for songs like this to teeter into the fast-and-noisy-indie-by-numbers but this one doesn’t.

Imagine you’re at the indie-rock night at your local discotheque and it’s 2 in the morning – you’re all sweaty, your shoes are getting more and more stuck to the floor and you might have had one too many cans of Carlsberg, but you’re not ready to go home just yet and want something loud and fun to shout along to?

Grab Life By‘ is that type of song.

Words by Tom Worley

Tipped by Hector Barley

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