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We may have only just entered spring, and the weather might be grey and gloomy but with The Night Café’s new song ‘Together’, it’s like summer is hear already.

Fresh out of Liverpool, the young lads have crafted an infectiously happy song, one that harks back to that fun and exciting indie of the mid-2000s with a beach pop vibe added in for extra measure.

There’s a strong summer feel throughout the song and it comes from all angles, the guitar swims about like a chilled out Dick Dale surf riff and is complimented nicely by a wandering bass that slaloms through and a shuffling drum beat carrying everything along. The vocals play out in a similar vein, bathing the song with laid back and assured lyrics. As the title suggests the song is all about togetherness and friendships, ‘We don’t have to see each other everyday / It’s the time together that we spend that makes us such good friends, I’ll be there ’til the end’, it’s a song that simply makes you smile.

It’s great to hear such a great song come out of such a young group, and if it’s anything to go by, there’s a bright future ahead for the lads.

Words from Rich Anderson

Tipped by Jamie Otsa from Glasswerk

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