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The North East of England is a fantastic hub for new and exciting music and over the past year if you ask anybody from the area which bands they are most excited about, you’ll hear The Old Pink House come up quite often. Our tip today is their new single, ‘Talk’.

‘Talk’ is a pacey electro-rock beast, which opens with urgency in its drums, bass and synths. Dreamy guitars then drop into the mix to support a light vocal. Together as a blend of electronic rock, it’s very nice on the ears. It’s somewhat of a mix between the full sounding fuzz of Tame Impala cruising along at the speed of Kasabian’s ‘Shoot The Runner’, which is a completely new and exciting sound.

The Old Pink House are currently making 2017 a year to remember after several releases and noteworthy shows, including Newcastle headline gigs and dates at the likes of Twisterella (Middlesbrough), Neighbourhood Festival (Manchester) and Tenement Trail (Glasgow) coming up. Things are really starting to fall into place for the four-piece and ‘Talk’ really does feel like the start of something special.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Aaron Snowdon

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