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This week we continue our latest feature on the Tipping Point, spotlighting the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Today we introduce our latest tipper Lee Jackson, a radio plugger and publicist at Wall Of Sound PR, based in Worcester UK. Having started out at the age of 14, putting on touring bands at his local football club and high school, Lee is now 15+ years deep. Continuing to promote live music across the West Midlands, touring regularly throughout Europe and plugging acts to radio, tastemakers, TV and the music media, Lee is an incredibly passionate champion of new music. Check out his top picks below!


Nottingham 4-piece, TV Crime, have been on constant rotation for me since releasing their debut album ‘Metal Town’ few weeks back (September 2019). Blending British garage rock and roll and a melodic Bay-area punk rock sound, the quartet have created one of my albums of the year. They’ve just finished an extensive tour of mainland Europe -It’s an exciting time for the quartet. Check out the tune ‘Hooligans’.


Not to be confused with the Japanese group of the same name, this is Lovebites from “Sabbath City”, Birmingham. Having worked their EP, ‘Social Hell’ in early 2018, I found myself growing attached to the self coined “Positive Punk, Indie Jams”. The band have just finished up their debut album at Hurley Studios in California. I’m eagerly waiting for the final mixes to land. It’s going to be something special. Listen to the tune ‘Social Hell’.



Impeccable indie/punk rock from London town. The bands self-titled EP released this July and contains 6 tunes rammed full of huge hooks and dynamic and clever songwriting. Since the release, D.O.L have hit the road hard – They will inevitably be passing through your town very soon. Listen to ‘Holsten Pills Blues’.



Ska has always been a huge passion of mine, and there is nothing better than watching a really great ska band absolutely nail it, and The Stiff Joints ABSOLUTELY nail it. The 11-piece-ska-army are based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire and are regulars on the festival circuit across the UK. If they’re passing through, I cannot urge you enough to go and check them out – You will have the best evening. Listen to ‘Beige And Onion’.



The London-based “Regret Punks” released their debut album ‘Never Better’ earlier this year through UK punk label, Lockjaw Records, and it totally blew me away. Every single song is an anthem. Think along the lines of The Flatliners and The Menzingers, injected with a healthy dose of European punk rock culture and London misery, and you’re kinda there. Listen to ‘Yuzi’.

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