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Today’s tip is a stunning piece of songwriting from London based Tom Speight to help you get through today towards the weekend.

‘Falling’ follows his early year EP ‘Little Love’ and whilst Tom has already released some EPs in his career, ‘Falling’ is a new level of confidence and creativity in his songwriting.

Whilst ‘Falling’ starts off as peaceful and serene as any good folk song, Tom brings in echoes of heavenly sound and progressively builds to the chorus. He then floods the mix with gorgeous harmonies and uplifting, dramatic strings to bring a poppier affair to his folk music. An easy comparison to make would be Tom Odell, who Speight has actually opened for before.

The song offers another sweetness with Rachel Sermanni on hand to join him on vocals for the song too.

His ‘Falling’ is out now so if you like what you hear, seek it out. Having already opened for all of the big pop folk acts in the game, and having had two excellent EPs out this year, we think Tom Speight is headed all the way to the top.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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