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TOTT 2015 #1: VANT

In at #1 and our Top Tip from 2015 is ….. VANT

Politically charged and led by righteous frontman Mattie Vant, they have taken 2015 by storm. After making the conscious decision that his lyrical content would take on larger themes than the typical love/partying route Mattie knew that raucous punk-inflected rock would be the best, and loudest, platform from which to express his principled views.

To that end, tunes such as the electrifying punk-rush of ‘Parasite’ or the unbelievably hooktastic ‘Parking Lot’ make big statements both musically and conceptually. Following in the vein of similar modern UK rock acts like Dinosaur Pile-Up, Slaves or Royal Blood in uncompromising style, and US counterparts FIDLAR (who they have recently supported) in terms of the ability to inspire the kids investing in their tunes, VANT exude the sense that they are bigger than just their music.

Insisting that their hometown is ‘PLANET EARTH’ coupled with the track ‘Birth Certificate’, which includes their most bluntly put message on social injustice, shows the extent to which VANT won’t let the “taboo” nature of the subject of politics dissuade them from expressing themselves.

Building a reputation based on their head-banging and blood-shaking riff-rock alongside their energetic and dance-inducing live shows, VANT are a wrecking ball of a band swinging through the scene with something to say for themselves. The bonus is that the messages they are demanding we listen to are far removed from the typical arrogant boasts that the legions of Oasis-wannabes tend to spout. 2016 should contain big steps for this group.

Words by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings and Tip by Henry Carden

VANT were originally featured on March 10th with words from Richard Anderson

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