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TOTT 2016 #4: BRYDE

Bryde has undoubtedly been making a name for herself in the music world in 2016, especially after being a tip to watch at Green Man Festival earlier this year. Self confessed as just a “girl and an electric guitar”, Bryde proves that nothing more is needed for unapologetically honest and classic girl-powered rock. London born but now touring and being played on radio stations across the country, Bryde is enchanting everyone with her raw vocals, so no wonder she’s made this years Top Of The Tips.

With influences from PJ Harvey and Ben Howard, Bryde flickers between powerful guitar riffs and smoother melancholy acoustic sounds. In her earlier singles on EP1, Help Yourself and Feel have that garage pop-rock ambiance with classic electric, simple and unfussed melodies. In her later work EP2, Honey drives it forward with its short and sweet, pure rock guitar solos and Bryde’s honest vocals.

Transparent transports to a deeper sound: beautifully written, sung and delivered through a softness of guitar and simple drums simultaneous to Bryde’s uniquely smooth yet echoing vocals. Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good is an eclectic mix of both sides, with an influence of Ben Howard’s raw guitar chords that crash into a deep and dark rush of electric rock head banging. Both sides are as powerful as each other, and perfectly represent Bryde’s honest, empowering persona.

Set to tour the US soon and flying high into the new year with her grunge-pop-rock-acoustic mix, for just a girl with her guitar, 2017 is looking pretty exciting for Bryde.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped by Jill Guthrie from When The Gramophone Rings

Bryde was originally featured on March 9th with words by Scott Hastie

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