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This is a very strange song indeed…but if you like bands like The Libertines, and have a penchant for jazz-influenced America, then it may just resonate with you.

In ‘He Sings’, the latest release from Trudy and the Romance, the simple melodies are enough to get you up and moving when the song starts to speed up; but then drag you back into your seat when it slows down. Singer Oliver Taylor portrays an air of openness, and converts that feeling into a rocky, jazz-inflected sound that’s infinitely dance-able.

The band describes itself as mutant 50s pop, a genre few know anything about, but if it sounds as good as these guys, then maybe we should start exploring! I also doubt the 50s sounded anything like this, but sadly I wasn’t there, so can’t confirm.

All in all, this is a brilliantly fun song for those that want a refreshing change from the norm and an insight into what this unusual hybrid pop can offer.

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Chris Bye 

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