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Two-piece Tuff Love out of Glasgow has delivered an early Christmas gift: the moody and subtle track “Duke.”

Keep it simple” is a phrase uttered frequently, mostly by people who actively avoid doing just that. However, Tuff Love kinda nail it.

Two singers, two guitars, and a drum kit: you could probably make a lot out of that, but instead, Tuff Love make a little bit that goes a long way.

The straightforward, apathetic melody and vocal combination are tributes to the fallen brothers and sisters of 90s grunge, but the music is doused with enough poppy engagement to keep me interested. Though it’s not a lo-fi recording, this sparse tune would be at home in that category. The crisp, clean quality gives the track dimension and places a larger emphasis on vocal harmonies. In a lesser band, this sound may have fumbled and fallen, but in the capable hands of Tuff Love, the track is a melodic-pop success.

Words by Maggie McBride 

Tipped by Jamie Otsa from Glasswerk,  Neil Wilson from Scottish Fiction & Jamie Coughlan from Overblown Zine 

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