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On offer today we have a rebellious, invigorating rock track in the form of Ulysses Wells ‘What It Takes’. After a brief sweeping guitar that ceremoniously opens the song everything breaks from the blocks, driving guitars and drums smash out whilst screaming organ chords play alongside. Raspy vocals join in not soon after and the energy carries on through.

The chorus kicks in and takes it up to top gear as everything somehow finds a little more power and blasts through with smoother backing vocals complimenting the lead. A short interlude brings everything back together towards the back end of the song repeating the initial opening riff before it all kicks off again with an instrumental focus and a final round of intensity from a final chorus.

Ulysses Wells presents a vocal reminiscent of Chris Cornell with an instrumental set up like a more intense Black Rebel Motorcycle club and jams it all into a very satisfying package.

With a set up that could turn some heads in the not too distant future their sound leaves an energised aftertaste with each listen.

Words by Richard Anderson

Tipped by Rob from Fresh On The Net

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