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It’s autumn and there is no way of changing that, the nights are getting longer, the daylight dwindles and the temperature drops but it’s not all doom and gloom. Improving morale is all about picking the right song for the right moment, the aptly titled ‘Summer/RIP’ from London duo Venture Lows is that song.

While the track does have that end of summer downbeat vibe its more acceptant than defeatist, from the opening declaration of “guitar, guitar, guitar” this is a ride that’s going to be enjoyed. It builds through metric drumming and heavy bass into a more conventional piece of indie pop with a catchy chorus before the final forty seconds take on a psychedelic edge, a counter to the regimented order of the rest of the piece.

Venture Lows consist of Hassan Anderson and George Williams, the pair have produced something special with their debut release. ‘Summer/RIP’ is accomplished, fresh and hints of bigger things to come, almost like a perfectly clear autumnal day.

Words by Aidan Armstrong

Tipped by Laura Eley from Critical Heights

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