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Birmingham trio Victories At Sea are a band that refuse to be pigeon-holed. Since forming in 2010, they’ve been honing a sound that spans genres, though their thrilling intensity is ever-present, helping to bag them support slots for the likes of Editors, Savages and Errors.

For proof of their relentless energy, look no further than the adrenaline-pumping, dark euphoria of their latest release ‘Up’, a track which fuses driving synths with pummeling drum beats to create a spiraling electronic sound that brings to mind the likes of New Order or Depeche Mode.

There’s something incredibly addictive about ‘Up’: scratch the surface of its danceable electro exterior and you’ll be hypnotised by its jagged synths and swirling atmospherics.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio

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