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Once upon a time I had long hair, spots and listened to a lot of heavy rock. I even joined a band and shouted a lot. Moving on a score of years I’m still partial to a seriously fat and overdriven riff, and attitude laden vocals. That said, there seems to have been some serious stagnation in that scene in recent years and not much going on to get me even close to dusting off the old air guitar. Cue a breath of fresh air.

On ‘Boy George’ this Scottish quartet hark back to the sound of the Washington DC hardcore scene. This band could be one of Steve Albini’s wet dreams. Slightly lo-fi, over distorted and refreshingly loose, the track combines so well with singer Janine Shilstone’s distinct and slightly spaced-out vocal tones in a three minute bundle of energetic goodness. I’m a sucker for a (sadly all too rare) female voice on a heavy track and this one ticks the box. Lyrically I suppose this song could be about the androgynous one time singer of Culture Club or just another boy that upset a girl. To be honest I don’t really care because Vukovi just got me back into rock. Now where did I put that air guitar?

Words by Steve Burton from Big Fish Little Fish

Tipped by Jill Guthrie

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