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When you hear of Guernsey, the average person’s mind usually thinks someone’s just saying Jersey, it’s brother on the Channel, wrong or, if you’re a bit up on your Guernsey knowledge, that that’s where Victor Hugo was exiled and wrote some great books. The one thing that rarely pops into your head is that is has a burgeoning music scene. WITHOUT are here to prove us all wrong.

Hailing from slap bang between England and France, WITHOUT have utilised the best of both worlds. Their latest single, VYZA, seems to take influence from both the rising English house scene, with touches of Blase Boys Club and even a dash of Jungle thrown in, and the French house scene, feeling as thought it could fit nicely in amongst Ed Banger’s mid-00s line up.

A funky-as-all-hell slap bass, that’s just pure Justice, sits under everything, while the sharp synths pierces through to create something that is immensely danceable. It oozes cool and class; a richly textured song that has the potential to be that “Golden Record” just as the sun is going down at an incredible pool party.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Stevie McMinn from Akira Records

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