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Weird Milk are a West London-based four-piece, ‘All Night’ is their second single released through Camden-based Ra-Ra Rok Records.

The intro has a distinctly tropical sound with its strong bassline, then the song takes you off in a different direction with sharp guitars and a retro keyboard added to the mix. All the elements come together in a wonderful Caribbean meets California combo. Zach Campbell, Alex Griffiths, Josh King and Charlie Vaughan have also mastered the art of harmonies on this track, adding to the chilled Beach Boys vibe.

Their name was inspired by the weird tasting milk they encountered in Spain which is due to it having a ‘long-life’, something I expect will also be true for this band.

If you are in need of some chilled sunshine vibes to take you back to summer, look no further and add this one to your playlist.

Words by Jackie Lees

Tipped by Beth Heaton

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