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Great music has a way of sounding timeless, old and new in the same moment. As if it’s always been there waiting to be discovered, while each additional listen can reveal something significant.
The rhythmically enchanting ‘Fear Of Falling Down’ from Witching Waves feels truly timeless, a mesmerizing combination of pop and punk that is a joy to listen to. From the aggressively urgent opening guitar to the pointed yet expertly crafted lyrics, this song demands to be heard.

The title track from their impressive debut album released on Soft Power Records, Fear Of Falling Down manages to capture some of the raw power of a live performance, particularly striking is the vocal combination of Emma Wigham and Mark Jasper.

Not only is it apparent that Witching Waves enjoy their craft, it is clear they are confident they know what they are doing. It’s encouraging to hear that the London trio have already started to work on their second album.

Tip by Laura Eley

Words by Aidan Armstrong

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