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Let’s start out by saying that it’s an exciting time for British garage at the moment, the scene is kicking up quite a fuss and there are a lot of exciting and exhilarating bands bringing that raw underground sound to everybody’s attentions, fun times lie ahead.

London based trio Yak are definitely one such band, and from what we’ve heard they should be placed out front, showcasing what the scene has got to offer. Thankfully they look to be doing just that.

One of the bands to have represented the UK in a recent NME showcase in Manhattan they are also soon to be setting off on an extensive UK tour that’s to take place throughout November and December.

No’ comes from their new E.P. of the same name that is set for release in mid November and it is two and half minutes of delightful cacophony. Heavy distortion, pumping drums, demanding bass, shouting lyrics, punched synths, ‘No’ has it all and it’s brilliant. It’s a song that’s made up of pure energy, and one that makes you feel invincible for the brief runtime.

Words by Rich Anderson

Tipped by Rob Platts from Junk City

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