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Bouncing off the back of the success of their first single ‘Social Politics’, Yassassin come out blasting with a sublime second track ‘Pretty Face’, a vibrant, raw and airy tune that plays out as a punk track with a shoegaze tinge. Like the energetic offspring between L7 and Lush, it’s a blend that works very well.

Starting out with driving bass alongside reverb heavy surf guitar runs that are quickly joined by punchy drums, ‘Pretty Face’ is a song about the general and everyday sexism that is faced by women in society today. With lyrics such as ‘If you like my pretty face, I’ll wash it off’ and ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all’ chanted collectively by the band at several points in the song it’s a clear and frank message, and an important one. Through the whole track there is a lively feel as the instrumentation wriggles around and never allows you to settle or rest and it is a fun and exciting interplay throughout.

‘Pretty Face’ proves to be an excellent second track from Yassassin who have a perfect record going so far. As they set off on their first UK tour in April it will be exciting to see what is to come next from the group but I’d be happy putting money down to say that they’re likely not going to disappoint with future releases.

Words by Richard Anderson 

Tipped by Maxie Gedge from PRSF

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