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Yellow Days’ soulful but gruff melodic vocals glide over the flickering guitar notes and deep bass. At only 17 years old and already signed to London Label Good Years, Yellow Days’ real and pure tracks are a refreshing mixture of relatable emotions and laid back listening. Debut song ‘Your Hand Holding Mine’ is a story about the ending of a love, something we can all relate to and you get lost in his passionate and mellow vocals and tone.

The track opens immediately with an enticing indie style guitar rhythm that leads to a deeper jazz inspired slow melody, mixed with James Blake’s soulful electronic feel. The powerful vocals are reminiscent of a smoother Kings of Leon, coming from the artists’ rock singing past.

You can feel the emotion come through ‘Your Hand Holding Mine’, almost as if you’re in the loss of love yourself. Yellow Days writes from past and real emotions, and therefore the contemporary Jazz label does not go a miss with his realism and ballad-like singing of love.

I do not doubt that Yellow Days will only rise from this debut as his first track is so good, and I look forward to hearing what’s to come. Once you’ve listened to his dreamlike story, you’ll be hovering waiting to hear his next instalment of this new enchanting jazz form.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped by Linn Branson from Little Indie, Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies and Mattia from Going Solo

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