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When you think of a one-man band you’d probably imagine a guy with long socks, a keyboard strapped to him, drum on his back and cymbals around his head.

Well, that stereotype is changing. Emerging artist Youngr is definitely not that, but an uber-cool and talented reconstruction of the one-man band bringing a new type of live music and performance. Not only is he a singer-songwriter, but also does guitar, drums, synth, bass, keyboard… you say it, he’s probably playing it on stage single-handedly creating his vibrant electro-pop performances.

If you’ve not heard of Youngr’s music yet you may have seen his one-take live bootleg performances circulating social media from his growing fan base. From Temper Trap to Zhu, Youngr gave some crazy impressive gigs showing just how talented he is, cultivating a crowd with tracks purely performed by himself on a tonne of different levels. They’re definitely worth a watch, just sayin’.

His latest track Monsters is just as cool and catchy as it sounds effortless. It’s no surprise he’s touring festivals around the world this year, as you can totally imagine dancing away to his tracks in the sun (or rain, in Britain’s case).

The smoothness of the track and Youngr’s vocals synchronise with the tracks lyrical daydreaming and just resonates chilled out. The few lines with multiple vocals bounce up off the pop track and give it a bit more depth as it builds towards the end.

Youngr is creating his own vibe and he’s one to watch this summer for his music and skills. Again, watch his videos guys.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped By Mary Chang at There Goes the Fear

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