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When I first heard ‘Get Off‘, I was sure Zuzu would be a band, rather than the name and work of a multi-talented solo writer. In this track she’s accompanied by a talented backing band who rise and fall throughout the song with impeccable timing, and go some way to making the track the glorified, dance-y tune that it is.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Reeling from the breakup of someone we genuinely believed we really liked. At least, I have; with ex-lovers “making my head spin” and treacherously teasing with the inner turmoils of ones mind.

In ‘Not good Enough‘, Zuzu seems to capture this perfectly, but couples it wonderfully with a rebellious and almost fun loving attitude, as if to say “I’m gonna be okay, don’t worry”. It’s a song which makes you hopeful for the future, while still encapsulating those dull feelings of sadness, portrayed excellently by the subtle cracks in the singer-guitar player’s voice. And here’s another thing, the soft yet hard voice of Zuzu throws the future open to even more raucous hits, and possibly (hopefully) a few more heartfelt moments.

Overall, it’s a fabulous song that I’m saving for future heartbreaks (and that party I’m having tomorrow). Versatile, heartfelt, and fun…if I could sum it up in as few words as possible.

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Elena Jiminez from Popped Music



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