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Too old for a school holiday, when the days are long and the sun shines bright, sometimes I feel I need something to help me escape the mundane reality of life sat at a work desk and pretend I’m outside, soaking up the rays and letting the day pass me by. It’s times like these I’m grateful for artists like Zygmunt Day, whose debut full length record (alongside his backing band Echo Pressure) ‘On Streets That Knowcame out a few days ago.

Lyrically Day’s songs are noticeably connected to his industrial London surroundings, and is a series of lamentations around the history of, and connection to his locality, and feels not too dissimilar to British Sea Power or iLiKETRAiNS. Where Zygmunt and his band really shines however is their application of these thoughts to music, which is refreshingly delicate. Waves of melodies envelop you in a way that allows you to transcend into another space, another world, one where you can sit back and take in your surroundings; the syncopated drums, gentle bass, subtle percussion and those gorgeous guitar melodies. ‘Wanderers’ is a stand out track on the record, not least for it’s almost disco like extended outro, imagine Dan Croll working for Motown back in the day and you’re not far off.

Overall it’s one of the most intelligently written pop records written since Youthmovies decided to call it quits, and is a must have to help see you through these summer months.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Andy Von Pip

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