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Top of the flops

The BBC’s new primetime music show ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ has been met with mixed reactions from across the industry and the wider public. The six part series, conceived as a cross between Top of the Pops and Saturday Night...
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Biggest Weekend: Beeb’s Big Blunder?

BBC Music has announced plans to stage a new music festival called The Biggest Weekend next year, which will take place in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales over the late May Bank Holiday weekend in 2018. Aimed at an...
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BBC Music: Television Rules

As the BBC releases details of its highest paid presenters and stars, BBC Music has announced details of a new primetime six-part music TV show that will be screened in autumn this year. The BBC’s annual report, published today,...
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The Kids Are Alright?

The BBC has this week published an annual plan, pledging to show a more diverse range of programmes and to better reflect the different nations of the UK. The beeb will seemingly aim to directly compete with the likes...
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BBC Music Escape Plan

BBC Music this month announced a partnership with The Great Escape. In addition to its already longstanding relationship with BBC Music Introducing, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 6 Music will join forces with the event....
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The Sound Of 2017?

The BBC Music Sound of 2017 revealed, comprising 15 new artists tipped for commercial success next year, and no doubt triggering a wave of think pieces on if such polls are relevant in the modern age. The long list...
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UK Music Let It Beeb

The #LetItBeeb campaign has succeeded in convincing Government to value music services and recognise that Radio 1 and 2 play an important role in the BBC’s public service offering, particularly in support of home-grown talent in the music industry. In...
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BBC Music Festival Strategy

BBC Local Radio in England, alongside BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, and BBC Northern Ireland is partnering with BBC Music this summer to create a so-called ‘one-stop shop’ for the festival experience. Running throughout the festival season from June to...
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BBC Music: Get Appy

The BBC has launched a new app for its BBC Music activity, which is just as well because if there is one thing the world needs right now, it is more apps and content pumping into it. The free...


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