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220,000 plays in less than two weeks is a pretty impressive feat, especially for an artist who’s only released one song online, yet that’s what London-based Rationale have achieved with their song ‘Fast Lane’. By harnessing all the best...
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“Less is more” is an adage that seems to have become something of a mantra in the R&B world of late. Everything has been stripped back to the bare minimum and, with it, so has the emotional masks of...
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Artwork and image is a very important part of the puzzle that is music but sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint how vital it is in a release. Before hearing today’s tip ‘Leave Me’, which is gorgeous by...
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It’s a fact, that, every single song you’ve ever loved was about love. Probably anyway. Whether it’s about losing love, unrequited love or love conquering all love – there’s a fair chance love is in there somewhere. And so...
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Earlier today I heard thunder. One quick glance out of the window and I see the heavens opened and an almighty rain is falling on down. If our glorious, short summer is on its way out, then it could...
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When Dive In’s ‘Let Go’ premiered on Neon Gold, who very kindly drew comparisons to our very own Polarsets, the whole blogosphere was set alight with blistering excitement. While the blogosphere is known sometimes for it fanaticism about all...


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