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UK Music Industry Takes On Youtube Over European Copyright Laws

The reform in question – better known as the European Copyright Directive – and in particular, ‘Article 13’, in essence will make YouTube legally liable for all content uploaded by its users. As a consequence, YouTube would need to...
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Halfway There

The UK music market is up by 11% year on year at this mid point stage according to figures from The BPI and Official Charts Company (OCC). Reading between the charts and graphs, this can primarily be contributed to...
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Grimewave: BPI Charts Rise

A new report conducted by the BPI, and produced in association with Disrupt Media and the Official Charts Company, has evaluated the position of Grime within wider British music. The report reveals that grime sales and streams nearly doubled...
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The BPI: Manifesto Destiny

The BPI has stated that it “strongly welcomes” the commitments made to the creative industries in both the Labour and Conservative manifestos. Yes, of course they also mentioned the ‘value gap’. Having digested the offerings of the two main...
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Streaming Leads Charge

New figures released by the BPI have revealed that the trade income of UK record labels is at a five-year high, with over 5% growth in 2016. The BPI reports that combined revenues generated through streaming, physical, downloads performance...
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BPI Charts Rise Of Robots

Record industry trade group The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has launched a new report exploring the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the music industry. Produced by Music Ally, the report investigates uses of different kinds of AI...
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BPI Want Songs To Remain The Same

The recorded industry has made its views clear on the impending EU referendum, with a recent BPI survey revealing that almost 68% of labels want to remain in the EU. The survey, conducted between April 25th and May 6th,...
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BPI: Sales Away

According to the recently published BPI’s Music Market 2016 yearbook, British artists’ share of domestic album sales reached an 18-year high in 2015, hitting 54.7% making up seven of the top 10 annual best-sellers in the Official Charts. Exports...
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BPI Google: Stay Down With Kids

Never ones to shy away from shooting at a bolted horse, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) are calling for a reform in Google’s approach to ‘notice and takedown’ procedures. In a bid to support the legal music market, the...


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