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Meet the Coach – Ross Golightly

I’m often described in many different ways – mentor, consultant, coach, Board Advisor, Non-Exec or even wing-man but, ultimately, I’m someone who will work with you to drive the growth of the business in a very hands-on, no-nonsense way....
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Meet The Coaches – Sarah Callender and Laura Weaving

At Duo we work with growth focussed businesses helping them lead and navigate strategic change by creating cultures that attract, engage and develop high performing people. We support our clients in attracting and recruiting the right people for the right...
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Meet The Coach – Sam Clegg

When I moved to the North East in 2008 to study Marketing and Management at Newcastle University I learned two things straight away: 1) that I wanted to run my own business, and 2) that the North East was...
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Meet The Coach – Justin Souter

What do you do and how did you get started? I’ve worked as a consultant for the last twenty years, starting at an IT outsourcing company. I was a business consultant helping clients share information using technology, and sorting...
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Meet The Coach – Jane Longrigg

I describe myself as ‘a peruser & admirer of art, design, photography, fashion, interiors, music, architecture, flower design & all things that make me tick’. I am also a creative business woman, a wife & a mother to two...
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Meet The Coach – Jonjo McNeill

I’ve been designing brands across identity and web for over a decade now. Two entirely separate disciplines taken in isolation but it’s always been clear to me that if a client needs a new website it’s because they’ve grown...
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Meet The Coach – John Elliott

John (pictured left) has worked in the music industry as a professional since he was 16, having signed a publishing deal with Polygram in 1996, he has produced, recorded and created music ever since.  John runs the creative side of...
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Meet The Coach – Andrew Archer

Andrew Archer (pictured right) owns Loft Music has vast experience, gained over 20 years and covering many aspects of the fast-moving and ever-changing music business. He manages the recording studio, is the label manager for Global Underground and deals with...


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