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Chamber Calls On Chancellor To Invest In North East Growth Ahead Of Brexit

James Ramsbotham, Chamber Chief Executive said: “Our regional economy has the most to lose from a chaotic Brexit.  We need fundamental economic and infrastructure issues to be addressed urgently through this Budget to put us in the best place to sustain economic growth....
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£3.1bn Boost from Music Tourism

A report published by UK Music this month revealed that the amount of so-called ‘music tourists’ in the UK has increased by over a third in the last three years. According to ‘Wish you Were Here 2015’, 9.5 million...
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Creative Industries: £8.8m Per Hour

The Gen always brings the big numbers, with the latest stats published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) revealing that the creative industries are now worth £76.9 billion each year to the economy, equating to £8.8m...


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