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Will Industry Accept Facebook’s Millions?

Fans of Faustian pacts will be pleased to hear that Facebook is offering hundreds of millions of dollars to labels and publishers to enable users of the social network to legally include songs in videos they upload. Clearly, complexities have arisen...
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Facebook Music Moves

Facebook caused a bit of a stir this month by advertising several new senior music focused positions that refer to the implementation of a “comprehensive music strategy”. This has resulted in widespread speculation that Facebook is eyeing up Spotify,...
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Little is known about HEATH. They have been active on Facebook for less than a month and describe themselves as a group from Brighton. Yet despite the infancy of the band, their first single ‘Give Me Over’ is a...
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To say London based Anteros are unknown is an understatement, with their Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud pages created less than a week ago, they are as new as they come. However, with one listen of their self-titled debut track...


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