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Kanye Takes on Tidal

They may have a JAY-Z album exclusive (for a week at least until it reaches Apple Music), but Tidal’s woes continue with the news that Kanye West (pictured with JAY-Z) has reportedly terminated his contract with the service and is...
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JAY-Z: Tidal Exclusive

It seems that as the entire industry starts to accept that streaming exclusives are not in any way productive, one particular artist is digging his gold plated heels in with a Tidal exclusive. That’s right, JAY-Z (complete with new...
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By Hove: Jay Z’s Tidal Wave

Jay Z may have 99 problems, but having the coin to scoop up a Spotify competitor ain’t one. The rapper and entrepreneur has snapped up streaming service Tidal’s parent company, Aspiro, for a reported tidy 464 million Swedish Krona-...
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She’s been toted as the UK female equivalent to Missy Elliot, nicknamed as ‘Sharp Shooter’ and has done her own take on Jay Z‘s 99 Problems, swapping the “b*tch” for “pr*ck”. It’s quite easy to see why she’s getting...


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