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Kanye Takes on Tidal

They may have a JAY-Z album exclusive (for a week at least until it reaches Apple Music), but Tidal’s woes continue with the news that Kanye West (pictured with JAY-Z) has reportedly terminated his contract with the service and is...
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Will Apple And Tidal Go West?

In a further twist to the pantomime speculation surrounding Apple’s potential acquisition of Tidal,Kanye West (pictured) took to Twitter this week demanding that the deal is done. As previously reported, rumours have been swirling for several weeks that Apple...
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Vicktor Taiwò’s ‘Paradise Island’ is a song that channels soul, RnB and cinematic vision. The second part of a short story, preluded by ‘Digital Kids’, the song has hints of 808 era Kanye and Lana Del Rey. Dramatic, deep...


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