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Indie Landfill: Fake Or Fortunate?

Staying in the physical realm, “Greatest-hits” albums were also this week reported to be most likely fake, according to a recent study conducted by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), with as many as 28 of the 36 greatest-hits collections...
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Pirates Sail On Frank’s Ocean

In news that will surprise exactly no one following the pattern of exclusives on streaming platforms,Frank Ocean’s second LP ‘Blonde’ has hit the top of the piracy charts. According to Music Business Worldwide, the widely acclaimed album has been...
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Pirates Courting Longer Sentences

The Government has published a consultation on increasing the penalties for large-scale music pirates and others who infringe the rights of copyright holders for financial gain. Changes could be introduced that would bring maximum sentences for online copyright infringement...
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The Gen Take on Tidal

With the dust settled on the Tidal press conference, The Gen aims for some perspective, exploring a few inconvenient truths about streaming. If you have any interest in the music industry whatsoever, you’ll be aware that Jay Z re-launched...
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No Safe Harbour

Outgoing MP Mike Weatherley (pictured), who also recently stepped down from his post as Intellectual Property (IP) advisor to the Prime Minster has published a final paper on IP issues, with the focus on ‘safe harbour’ clauses. The purpose...
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Google: The 345 Million Question

Google were reportedly asked to remove over 345 million copyright infringing links from its search engine in 2014, a 75% increase on 2013. As reported here by the ever-reliable Torrentfreak (who also did the back of a fag packet maths...
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Pirate Bay Docked

Prominent file sharing site The Pirate Bay has been taken off-line following a Police raid in Nacka, Stockholm. As opposed to a dawn swoop on a Dotcom mansion, this time authorities reportedly targeted a data center built into the...
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Personal Jesus Pirates Jailed

Two people who maintained and illegally distributed music prior to official release on file sharing site Dancing Jesus have been condemned to four years and five months in prison. The pair were sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court last week,...
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Google: Rank and File

Google has allegedly (i.e. according to them) made a further commitment to downgrade piracy sites in search engine results based on takedown notices issued under America’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The announcement was made alongside the publication of a...


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