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Adele’s 25: Such Great Heights

So, Adele released an album and it has now sold a canny few copies. The end. You didn’t think that you were getting away that easily did you? Gather round for some yuletide sales stats on ‘25’. Released on...
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Digital Deadlines Ahead!

The deadline is fast approaching for any new digital releases wanting to be included in iTunes or other stores for a Christmas release. Music Future’s Digital Partner TuneCore has kindly sent through some guideline dates that’ll ensure you’ll have a successful release just in...
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Turning the Tidal

Not usually one to swim with the tide (he did, after all, declare the Internet to be “completely over” in 2010), Prince has announced that his next release will be exclusively released through streaming platform Tidal. This follows the...
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In Defence of Record Store Day

As the dust settles on your (still un-played) limited Record Store Day vinyl, The Gen calls for order amidst the histrionics. Just some of the comments levelled at Record Store Day this year: It is hurting and has in...
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Chart Puts New Spin on Vinyl

Just in time for Record Store Day, the Official Charts Company has launched the UK’s first ever vinyl chart. New figures published reveal that vinyl continues to grow- though it should be pointed out that it represented a whopping...
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Friday on My Mind

Despite rumbles of protest from certain sectors of the industry, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has confirmed that Friday will be a coordinated global release day for new music, starting from summer this year. The main...
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Grohl for Record Store Day

In addition to the Foo Fighters being named as the first Glastonbury headliner this month, frontman Dave Grohl has been named the official ambassador of Record Store Day in 2015. Record Store Day takes place on Saturday 18th April...
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It’s Friday, Not in Love

A global coalition of leading retailers, trade bodies and independent labels has issued a joint statement calling for a Monday global release day as opposed to the proposed Friday. The signatories include AIM, Rough Trade, The American Association of...
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No New ERA for Retail?

Forget about the return of Twin Peaks– this week’s real nail biting cliffhanger is whether or not the global recorded music industry will shift to the simultaneous release day of Friday. The Entertainment Retailer’s Association (ERA) has warned that...


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