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Goldman Sacks Off Streaming Report

According to a new report from none other than American multi-national finance company Goldman Sachs, music streaming revenues will jump by more than 500% over the next 13 years, hitting $28bn. The report also forecasts that total paid streaming...
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UK Live Music Attendance Figures

According to UK Music’s latest ‘Wish You Were Here’ report, audiences attending live music events in the UK rose by 12% in 2016 to 30.9 million, generating £4bn for the economy. The report is published annually, with data crunched...
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UK Music: It’s Still A Man’s World

UK Music has announced the results of an industry diversity survey, revealing that ethnic minority representation in the market currently stands at 15.6%. In addition, the results confirm that the upper levels of the industry remain male dominated, with...
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IFPI Report Shines Light On Labels

A new report published by the IFPI has claimed that labels remain the largest investors in music, investing more than US $4.5 billion for A&R and marketing in 2015. The new ‘Investing In Music’ report, which has been put out...
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IFPI: Minds Digital Value Gap

According to global trade body IFPI’s Global Music Report, the UK is once again the world’s No.3 music market, having overtaken Germany. Strap yourself in for some serious stats! Growth of 0.6% in UK music revenues to a total...


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