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We continue to shine a spotlight on the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site...
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IFPI Confirms Global Growth

According to a new IFPI report, the global recorded music market grew by 5.9% in 2016 to $15.7bn.  This was driven primarily by an increase of just over 60% in streaming revenue generated by 112 million users. It is...
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Streaming Leads Charge

New figures released by the BPI have revealed that the trade income of UK record labels is at a five-year high, with over 5% growth in 2016. The BPI reports that combined revenues generated through streaming, physical, downloads performance...
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2015 Stats: Lets Get Physical

New year, new industry sales stats- the 2015 figures are in so read on and dig deep. First of all, the big headline grabbing good news- According to the latest stats released by The BPI, the UK market was...
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Page Puts $25bn to Rights

Spotify’s Director of Economics Will Page has estimated that the music rights sector was worth over $25 billion in 2014. This figure includes the revenues generated by songs alongside recordings and is the first estimate of its kind- Although...
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Spotify: Top of the Apps

Spotify is now officially the most popular streaming app in the world in terms of active users, downloads and revenue, according to a report published by App Annie. Spotify was followed closely by Pandora Radio, which was the top...
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Adele’s 25: Such Great Heights

So, Adele released an album and it has now sold a canny few copies. The end. You didn’t think that you were getting away that easily did you? Gather round for some yuletide sales stats on ‘25’. Released on...
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Streaming Soars Globally

Despite the IFPI reporting in 2014 that global recorded revenues were in decline, with overall revenues dropping by 0.4% to below US $15bn for the first time in decades in 2014, it seems that the worm may be turning-...
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£3.1bn Boost from Music Tourism

A report published by UK Music this month revealed that the amount of so-called ‘music tourists’ in the UK has increased by over a third in the last three years. According to ‘Wish you Were Here 2015’, 9.5 million...


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