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UK Music Industry Takes On Youtube Over European Copyright Laws

The reform in question – better known as the European Copyright Directive – and in particular, ‘Article 13’, in essence will make YouTube legally liable for all content uploaded by its users. As a consequence, YouTube would need to...
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5 Tips For Playlist Pitching

Looking to secure those elusive playlists and stand out from the 20,000 other tracks that are uploaded to services every day? At Believe, we pitch music to playlist editors all around the world, here are 5 tips to help...
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Streaming and Live: Simple Minds?

The Gen was interested to read that Spotify is the latest tech company to dip its toes into the choppy waters of live music promotion. The streaming giant is set to host its first ever concert in the UK...
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Microsoft Rips Groove From Heart

Microsoft has this week wound down its Groove Music streaming service and announced a partnership with Spotify. The company’s ‘Xbox Music’ was rebranded as Groove Music in 2015, but the company has now announced plans to discontinue Groove Music...
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Goldman Sacks Off Streaming Report

According to a new report from none other than American multi-national finance company Goldman Sachs, music streaming revenues will jump by more than 500% over the next 13 years, hitting $28bn. The report also forecasts that total paid streaming...
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RIP YouTube Ripping Site

Leading YouTube ripping site, is to shut down after agreeing a settlement with the RIAA in the states. Major record labels took action against the German based site, which is the largest of its kind and is dedicated...
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Lyor, Lyor, YouTube Debate Fires Up

YouTube Head of Music Lyor Cohen has been shot down in flames this month after claiming in a controversial blog post that the much discussed YouTube ‘value gap’ doesn’t exist, adding that YouTube pays out more than other streaming services...
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Warners: In Love With Streaming

The streaming march continues inexorably onwards, with Warner Music Group announcing it is now generating over $100m a month from streaming, an increase of 45% year on year. According to Music Business Worldwide, Warner’s recorded music division generated $300m from...
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For Sale: Pandora

It could be the end of the road for Internet radio and streaming service Pandora, who this week announced it was actively looking for a buyer as part of “strategic alternatives”. The revelation landed around the same time as...


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